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Our Founder

The eternal president of TFC HOLDING Hüseyin Uçar, who stands a special place in the business world with his entrepreneurship and capability of investing in future, believes that people are more important than capital. He always thinks globally in his business life, and handles the issues as a whole. His permanent goal is to create long-term opportunities by implementing productive projects and systems. He does not deal with any temporary work, always aims to take his companies beyond the profit target and institutionalize them.


Hüseyin Uçar was born in Kahramanmaraş in 1945. He learned agriculture and trade from his father. He started his own business in 1969. He started to work by establishing the branch of Austin and BMC in Kahramanmaraş. At the same time, he was engaged in construction and industry sector. In 1977, he bought a ginnery factory. In 1978, he bought a commercial complex in İzmir 1.Atatürk Industrial Zone. He started importing truck spare parts from England. He noticed the gap in the Turkish food market during his visits to England. Thereupon, in 1979 he opened his first market Herbtree Ltd. In London, and transformed his company in Izmir into a food export company. He started to use the Turkish Food Center (TFC) brand in 1992. While dealing with the retail industry, on the other hand he expanded his business by being the UK representatives of Turkey’s leading food brands. Afterwards, he founded the food chain of Eda Quality Food as a wholesale food company in 2002.


As the number of companies gradually increases; Mr. Uçar, who believes that private institutions can only survive with institutionalization, established TFC Holding in 2012 to direct businesses and allocate the best resources from sole center.


He describes his own constitution in the “Targets and Principles Document” for his companies, as follows: “Looking at everything positively ensures to solve problems positively, and it enables us to move forward by making a positive reference from the worst moment.” With his open heart and democratic attitude, he makes family members to participate in the work. Due to these features, he has led the growth of both his companies and Ucar family.


By being the largest Turkish food importer in England, he has been making a great contribution to the economy of Turkey for years. He is the pioneer of ethnic Turkish food market in the U.K.


At the same time, he has been supporting social projects that is beneficial to our society in the U.K. He is an exemplary businessman in industrialization, institutionalization, professional management, education, health and social services through foundations as well.


Hüseyin Uçar suggests to young people and new entrepreneurs in business life;

“Don’t work for money only! Dont forget MONEY CAN BURN YOU IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO SIT ON A FIRE. Work hard to be successful and beneficial to the society and your family. Try to do your best! Be participative, set long-term goals, establish a balance between your business and family life. Spend time with your family and do not forget the importance of your family for you. Have your hobbies in your life, sports has always been a part of my life, keep a positive approach towards life. This is my life philosophy, I hope it make sense for you too.”